Dr. Sherrie Koechling

I have worked with small busines consulting and accounting and management for over twenty-five years. I taught accounting at University of Idaho, Stephens College, Columbia College and retired from Lincoln University. I have a Doctorate of Applied Management from Webster University, an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Master of Science in Public Administration from University of Missouri, Columbia and an MBA with an emphasis in accounting from University of Idaho, Moscow. I started working in accounting as an accounting clerk, worked the Missouri State Auditor as a researcher and eventually an auditor. I worked as a Federal Evaluator for LEAA. I started teaching when I had children and have been teaching ever since. I also have been the project director of over 2 million dollar worth of federal grants and a finance director for a non-profit organization. I am published and have given conferences and workshops all over the United States on a wide variety of subjects. I have also been active in small businesses and governmental organizations consulting over the last twenty years.

Kris Andrae

Working with small business and marketing development is something I have been building up to over the past 10 years. I enjoy being able to focus my creative ability’s to help with digital marketing and media. With a background in technology and retail point of sale systems I can also understand the technology systems that business use on a daily basis. With over 10 years of customer service experience in both the food services industry and consumer retail business understanding the digital needs of retail and food industry business is what I drives me. Working for small business bar owners as well as larger chain restaurants gives me a better understanding of how to allocate resources to the needs and size of a company.

In addition to sales and the consumer side of the food industry I have also worked for over 4 year with a telecommunications company working for business such as Rite Aid, Petco and Wal-Mart. Through his journey and experience in life I have found that I am well suited to work with small business’s with big ideas in a multitude of areas. Striving to provide outstanding client services has always been my top priority in every aspect of my professional career. Communication is always the key in building relationships with clients and I have spent years cultivating my ability to understand and listen to people and clients and understand their needs.

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